Information Relating to the Elementary Schools Construction Project

Information shared with the public about the elementary reconfiguration project leading up to the November, 2018 bond vote can be found on this link.

October, 2019 Architect Presentation

Meetings with the architects, building committee and educators continue to generate plans for furniture, technology, and other details about the building project.  This link shows the renderings and plans presented in October.

September, 2019 Architect Presentation

Each meeting of the building committee and each meeting with RIDE brings us closer to a final design document.  The renderings of the facilities show schools that will be the pride of the community.  While schools will not be entirely new, the building committee's mission is to complete additions on all three buildings and do as much renovations to existing parts of the buildings as is possible with the funding available.  Additionally, improved bus and parent drop off areas at all three buildings and updated entryways will improve safety and security.  To view the architects' presentation of plans, click here.

Late Summer, 2019 Design Documents 

The building committee, working with our OPM and architects, continue to revise the floor plans and overall design of additions and renovations in order to ensure that funding will be available for all phases of this project.  We also are ensuring that all programs have adequate space and that the site plan ensures safe and efficient dropoffs and security features.  The plans, below, will be reviewed by RIDE prior to moving on to more detailed architectural drawings and are subject to change.  We present them here so that the public can see the evolution of changes and the careful work of our team.

Folder Containing Floor Plans and Planning Documents

Early Summer, 2019 Design Documents (NOTE:  Subject to Change)

Floor Plans

Aerial Views

Agendas of the School Building Committee - 2019

Agendas 2018
Agendas 2017

Minutes of the School Building Committee - 2019
Minutes 2018
Minutes 2017