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Celebrating 50 years of Smithfield High School

2016 Smithfield Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Smithfield High School teacher, Derek Snow, for being named the 2016 Smithfield Teacher of the Year!

Welcome To The Smithfield Public Schools


Mission Statement

The mission of the Smithfield Public School District is to provide an adaptive and challenging learning environment that meets the needs of students in an emerging global community, and prepares them for excellence in education and the workplace, while cultivating integrity, responsibility and a sustained passion for continued learning.

Latest Smithfield Public Schools Annual Report

We are very excited to share our annual report with you and all of the members of our community. We want to tell you about all of the progress we have made implementing our Strategic Plan. At the core of this plan is a vision that every one of our schools will give each student what they need to graduate ready for college, career and life in our rapidly evolving global economy. It is very ambitious, and after a year of hard work, we are more confident than ever that we can achieve it.

Click to download the latest Annual Report (PDF)


On February 4, 2013 the Smithfield Public Schools Strategic Plan will be presented at the School Committee.  All members of the community are welcome to attend this presentation.  

Action Plans have been created around five overarching areas:

-Teaching and Learning Excellence

-Guaranteed and Viable Curricula

-Flexible, Student-Centered Programs



Race to the Top is the foundation for many of our initiatives in the Smithfield Public Schools.  There are three major areas of Smithfield's efforts:



-Study of the CCS Standards- 24 teachers and all administrators participated in the initial RIDE training.  Faculty at all schools participate in ongoing CCSS professional learning.

-K-5 CCSS-aligned report card development in collaboration with North Smithfield (12 teachers, principals)

 Curriculum Development:

-CCSS-aligned K-12 Reading- *ongoing

-CCSS-aligned K-12 Math - *ongoing

-CCSS-aligned K-12 Writing *

*Facilitation of unit and assessment development including K-12 CCSS-aligned Quarterly Writing and Math Assessments, identification and coordination of curricular resources and materials, ongoing distribution of professional materials/information regarding strategies and practices

-K-12 Health- November 2012

-K-12 PE- February 2013

-RITES (Science) professional development- ongoing


RIDE Formative Assessment Initiative

-12 teachers (K-12) participation in 8 professional learning modules focused on various aspects of Formative Assessment through a formal Community of Practice

-Professional development will be expanded to include Formative Assessment for all Smithfield teachers in the 2013-14 summer/school year

-Formative Assessment information/techniques distributed to all Smithfield teachers on an ongoing basis.

RIDE Data Use Professional Development

-Professional development around Data Use

-Three teacher leaders and principal from each school to participate in professional development in the summer of 2013 and throughout the 2013-14 school year


Professional Development

-Mini-workshops designed to address teachers’ needs as identified through surveys and Professional Growth Plans- Spring 2013

-Three professional development days dedicated to transition to CCSS, RIDE initiatives, and other areas of professional learning

-Teaching and Learning Notes

-Distribution of Live Binders focused on instructional practices, assessment, and all components of the RI Educator Evaluation Model