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Rhode Island Educator Evaluation System

Providing teachers with resources to assist them in their ongoing professional learning, professional growth plans, and a deeper understanding of the RI Teacher Evaluation system, a Live Binder has been created.  The Live Binder will provide teachers with resources related to each domain in the Professional Practice and Professional Responsibilities rubrics.  Click here to be taken to the RI Teacher Evaluation System Live Binder.


Supporting great educators

An effective evaluation system is key to developing, supporting and improving the effectiveness of our educators as well as recognizing the outstanding performance of our most effective teachers and leaders.

Teachers have a profound influence

An effective teacher can change the course of a student’s life, and effective teachers need effective leaders with the ability to guide and motivate school communities. Research has shown that one of the most important school-based factor influencing a student’s achievement is the quality of his or her teacher.

Focus on regular feedback

Unfortunately, evaluation models in many of our schools don’t provide the kind of feedback and support educators need in order to develop and improve. Currently, evaluations are often infrequent or inconsistent, with little focus on the educator’s professional development and little, if any consideration of how much students are learning. The Rhode Island Educator Evaluation System Standards, on the other hand, calls for annual evaluations.

Multiple measures of effectiveness

To determine overall educator effectiveness, the Rhode Island Model considers three central components: Professional Practice, Professional Responsibilities, and Student Learning.